Tuesday , 16 July 2019

What to Visit in Amsterdam

What do you think of when you hear Amsterdam? Some people think of the coffee shops that you can find all over the city. But there is a lot of other things that Amsterdam has to offer. I Amsterdam can present you with tickets to museums, tours and other activities. They even offer a I Amsterdam City Card that allows you access to all Amsterdam’s main tourist attractions. But what kind of things can you do in Amsterdam? What kind of museums can you visit? And what is it about Amsterdam that makes it so special? Maybe we can provide you with some answers to these questions.

Boat Tours and the Amsterdam canals

Amsterdam has many canals. These canals make the city ideal for boat trips. There are guided boat trips including a guide. They have fixed routes. You can hop on a boat every half hour or so. A couple of the boat companies are located in front of Amsterdam Central Station. You exit the station and find them all around you. They can show you what Amsterdam looks like from Amsterdam’s canals. They will show you the various grachtenpanden that you can find all over Amsterdam.

Shopping in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is also a great city for shopping. There is the famous Kalverstraat and P.C Hooftstraat although the shops you can find in those streets are quite expensive. But there are other options. There is Leidsestraat, De Dam, Haarlemmerstraat, Beethovenstraat en Utrechtse Straat. These streets are all close together, so you won’t have to walk very far. There is an Apple Store located somewhere in the shopping centre. Book lovers must visit Waterstones and the American Book Centre for some new editions to their bookcase. And, of course, all of the famous fashion brands have their own shop in Amsterdam’s shopping centre. And don’t forget to pay a visit to Hema, a typically Dutch shop that shows you some typically Dutch products. And, just like every major city, Amsterdam has its share of souvenir shops full of items featuring Dutch tulips, windmills, clogs and clothing.

Musea in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a lot of museums that you can visit. The Rijksmuseum is probably the most famous ones. It contains artwork from famous Dutch painters such as Vermeer, Van Gogh, Rembrandt van Rijn, Jan Steen, etc. Maybe you even see the world-famous Nachtwacht (Night’s Watch). One of the painters, Van Gogh, also has its own museum that features a lot of his paintings, even though he only sold a few of them during his lifetime. Another kind of museum is the Anne Frank Huis. This place, Het Achterhuis, was the house a young, Jewish girl and her family hid away during World War II. And then there is Madam Tussauds, a museum that shows you wax figures of famous characters. And those are only a few of the museums that Amsterdam has to offer.

Dutch Buildings

But even the buildings alone are worth visiting. While you’re wandering through the city, you will see some of the most beautiful houses along the canals. Those are the houses that Dutch people call Grachtenpanden. Those alone are worth the trip.

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