Saturday , 20 August 2022

What to Visit in Amsterdam

What do you think of when you hear Amsterdam? Some people think of the coffee shops that you can find all over the city. But there is a lot of other things that Amsterdam has to offer. I Amsterdam can present you with tickets to museums, tours and other activities. They even offer a I Amsterdam City Card that allows ... Read More »

Lidl offers locally grown cannabis to Swiss shoppers

Supermarket takes advantage of law change to sell ‘relaxing’ tobacco alternative You may have heard about their cut-price stollen, and possibly their surprisingly flavoursome jam. But you probably won’t have sampled the latest range offered by the supermarket chain Lidl: locally grown cannabis. (Complaint Lidl) Two products derived from hemp flowers are being offered in Swiss stores as an alternative ... Read More »

German is free to grow weed

amsterdam coffee shops

For the first time a German got permission for growing his own cannabis for medical use. It is a 53-year-old man who suffers from multiple sclerosis and suppress the symptoms with the weed. The man in the city of Mannheim shall annually grow 130 plants in his bathroom ‘ bundesland weed ‘. The German medical authority has hitherto always forbidden ... Read More »

The usage of marihuana

Nowadays, using marihuana is not the same as in the 60’s. In these days, a lot of marihuana related articles come by on platforms and social media. The most remarkable thing is the usage of marihuana by celebrities. Several celebrities are very open about their usage of cannabis and they also have their own opinion about the most used ‘drug’. ... Read More »